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How does it work?

During the years of our lives, we are being challenged to face many emotions. Some of them we are afraid to feel or rather not experience. Some of them were not digested. Every such an emotion ( energy in motion ) that we repress, can create a distance from ourselves; from the heart and the mind. It can create an energetic blockage - a stagnation in the energy flow which can lead to a physical pain and discomfort.

We can find ourselves reacting then from our surviving mechanisms ( defending or attacking ) or our automatic pilot.

That can cause feelings of loneliness and separation within us, with the outside world or with the source of life itself.

Creating an inner space for identifying our feelings, letting it just be, is a beginning of a magical healing process. ~.~ My goal in the therapy is to create a space for allowing feelings to be felt.

I love to do it through talk and touch combining with aromatic oils which support the process.

This is a first step of a deep process of getting in touch with yourself,

transforming pain and suffering into understanding, growth and joy.


I invite you to guide you with love and respect in this beautiful magical process of meeting with yourself in the present moment.


You are welcome!


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