Hi Orly,

The session with you gave me more acceptance of myself and now I can connect better with others, I notice.


Even the toothache is almost gone 😃.

Before the massage I had a lot of aches in my body, was a bit stuck.




Hi Orly,

Why I came was because I felt I was completely out of my body. Beyond myself, caring for everyone around me except for myself.


During the hour of your treatment, I experienced a lot of love and care.


I also noticed that I could not fully open myself to the touch, and I 'escaped' again into my head, that wants to solve everything for everyone around me and therefore unfortunately I do not think about myself.


But gradually, I did experience that I take up more space in my own body.

I would like to be able to experience more of my feelings again. To feel that I am worthy to open my mouth and physically indicate my limits!

Thank you for helping me define my limits with the right words. By being very short, powerful and clear I start to feel myself again. And love myself again.

Thank you!!!

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