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With much love, I invite you to connect to your body. The body is the greatest healer of all.

The body is amazing. If we have discomforts, the discomforts can tell us what we need to change to be in alignment.


The body is our spiritual compass.



Hello I'm Orly, I was born to touch. In the early 90ies I was on my own spiritual journey to connect to my essence. I found that touch always brings me back home, to the here & now, to the heart and to the soul.

My massages are deep and soft and firm, dynamic and energetic, delivered through a loving touch and use of exquisite pure essential oils.


I invite you to make an appointment with me to enter together into this very special reflex zone therapy devoted to ascending to a healthy body and mind.


Foot Reflex Zone Therapy works on physical as well as on emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic levels.


My technique helps freeing from physical complaints such as back, head and neck, digestive. 

It also helps release emotional blockages such as fear, sadness, and traumatic experiences.


A session includes intuitive coaching during a foot bath with pure essential oils or magnesium, then a partial body massage, concluding with a foot massage and toes reading.


The method I use brings your physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual systems into balance and flow.


The relaxation that occurs during a session can also provide insight and clarity and can bring about feelings of inner peace.

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Foot Reflex Zone Therapy

Reflexology is a method of diagnosis and treatment in alternative medicine. According to this method, there is a map of all the organs and systems of the body in the foot. 

30 minutes - 50 euro

60 minutes - 75 euro

Foot Reflex Zone Therapy Special

Intuitive coaching,

footbath with pure essential oils

or Magnesium, toes reading,

(partial) body massage,

foot reflex and evaluation

100 minutes - 100 euro

Intuitive Massage Therapy

Is a holistic experience. It works on all levels, physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual.

60 minutes - 75 euro

100 minutes - 100 euro

Aroma Touch Massage

Aroma Touch Massage combines the unique benefits of oils known to provide relaxing and comforting effects.

I use 6 different pure essential oils.

My Aroma Touch massages are a vital technique, a method for applying essential oils that produce a profound whole-body wellness experience.

60 minutes - 85 euro

100 minutes - 120 euro

Holistic Coaching in the practice or while walking in the park

Intuitive personal and spiritual development.

Focusing method

"The Work" of Byron Katie


40 minutes - 40 euro

60 minutes - 60 euro

Telephone support 40 minutes - 30 euro

These treatments can be targeted to relieve specific complaints:

  • Headaches

  • Back pains

  • Neck and shoulders problems

  • Stress

  • Tiredness

  • Digestion issues

  • Menstruation

  • Breathing

  • Hormonal problems

  • Lymphatic system issues


and of course, you could come to enjoy a relaxing treatment.

How I Work:

When I give a Therapy Session, it is a holistic experience,

in which you're  touched on many levels.

I use Mindfulness, Focusing Method, "The Work" of Byron Katie,

Rebalancing, Reiki Healing, Theta Healing, The Remembrance Academy,

and more.

The physical touch has the power to penetrate further

than the muscles,

onto inner feelings and emotions.

Body and soul come into oneness.

Reduction and Free treatments:

6th treatment - €10 reduction

11th treatment - free 30 min treatment of choice

for booking - call or Whatsapp

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Tai Chi Chih
Logo Tai Chi Chih.png

T’ai Chi Chih is a mindful moving meditation for finding inner peace, joy and wellbeing. It is a series of 19 moves & 1 pose that together make up a meditative form of movement which could have physical, personal, and spiritual health benefits. Simple movements that anyone can do, regardless of age or physical ability. The movements are soft and flowing.


Practicing for 10 minutes a day you may have great benefits like:

• Improve circulation, balance and flexibility

• Help with greater mental focus and clarity

• Strengthen the immune system

• Relax body & mind

• Improve balance

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Please register:

Orly Mani, 06-20114896

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Orly Mani

Lijnbaansgracht  32 A-h , 1015 GP Amsterdam

Tel: +31-6-20114896


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